400g Waxing Hair Removal Solid Hard Wax by Sajios



Product Specification:

Product Name: Solid paper-free depilatory wax beans
Main Components: Natural rosin, Coconut oil
Melting Point: About 48 degrees Celsius
Color/Scent: Lavender, Chamomile, Blackcurrant, Rose, Honey, Green tea
Product Net Weight: 400g/Can

Usage and Care:

How to use the wax warming kit

  • Put the wax beans in the pot.
  • Plug in the power, turn on the switch and heat until the wax beans have completely melted.
  • Clean and dry the skin, testing the temperature before waxing.
  • Apply melted wax on the skin.
  • Wait for the wax to solidify, then tear it off quickly against the direction of hair growth.
  • After hair removal, wipe with an alcohol solution.

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