Tongue Scraper Oral Health Care Cleaner Scraper Remove Stains by Sajios



*1. Material: food-grade material
*2. Skins: general
*3. People: general
 *4. Net weight: 5g
*5. Product size: 12.7*3*0.5cm


*1. Made of food-grade materials to ensure safety and hygiene.
*2. It can effectively remove the stains remaining on the surface of the tongue coating,     solve multiple oral problems, and keep breath fresh.
*3. The combination of toothbrush and tongue scraper can effectively clean the oral         cavity with a cleaning rate of 95%, which can easily solve the oral problems caused by     insufficient cleaning.
*4. The A-side tongue scraper with C-type arc curve, designed with 25° oblique angle,   which fits the tongue surface to deeply scrapes off stubborn tongue coating.
*5. B-side tongue brush can effectively remove stains and deeply clean the tongue   surface. Package Includes: 1x Tongue Scraper

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