Stretch Cream for Stretch Marks Removal Post Pregnancy Fast Work 100% Result by Sajios



Affected by hormone and swollen belly during pregnancy, it's easy to cause stretch marks on pregnant women's abdomen. To prevent stretch marks for mothers to be or improve improve stretched skin for mothers, Mommy Care Belly Essential Oil is made by various plant extract to nourish tight skin and powerfully fix the cracked fibers of skin. It's specially designed for mothers, 100% natural and safe for both mommy and baby.


Numerous herbs are passed through modern extraction techniques finally get the herbal extract. It can effectively help reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, promote cell. Regeneration, enhance skin elasticity, restore necrotic cells, stretch marks, obesity lines, etc. So that the skin looks more tender and white.

Usage Method:

After cleaning, drop appropriate amount of Stretch Marks Essential Oil on your palm and apply it on the belly;
Massage it in slow, circular motions with fingertips until absorbed;
Suitable for whole body including chest, abdomen, hip and legs.


If you have any skin discomfort, please stop using it.
Package Included:1* Remove Stretch Mark Oil

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