Slimming Cream Slimming Fat Burning Shaping Firming Cream By Sajios



Product Name: Slimming Cream
Net weight: 60g*3PCS
Suitable type: suitable for all types
Advantages: Accelerates the burning of fat accumulated under the skin, inhibits the production of fat by enhancing the body's metabolism and blood circulation, tightens the skin, and prevents skin sagging.


This product contains natural plant ingredients, which are safe and gentle. With a slight heating effect, it can quickly penetrate into the deep layers of the body, speed up metabolism, burn fat, smash the fat layer in the body, and convert large cellulites into small cells. It is excreted with metabolism and inhibits the production of fat.

Firms the skin, prevents the skin from sagging, lifts the skin, eliminates cellulite, and makes the skin smooth and delicate. It has a good sculpting effect on the waist, legs, arms and abdomen, which helps to create a beautiful and attractive figure.

Package Includes:

Slimming Cream*3PCS

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