24k Gold Essence Facial Care Set Collagen Whitening Cream Niacinamide Acne Freckle Removal Serum By Sajios


High Quality New Products:

24k Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask 30g*3pcs
24K Gold Nicotinamide Face Essence 50ml
SET1 :24k Collagen Moisturizing Face Cream 100g
SET2: Collagen Bouncy Pearl Cream 30g
SET2: Collagen Bouncy Pearl Cream 10g
24K Golden Firming Eye Mask 60pcs
24K Gold Soothing Eye Serum 15ml
24K Gold Moisture Repair Eye Cream 30g


Contains rich hyaluronic acid ,24K gold foil, allantoin ingredients, lasting moisturizing, nourishing the skin, repairing the skin, making the skin more supple, smoother and more elastic


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