Sevich Blonde Purple Hair Shampoo Anti Brass Off Hair Bleaching Shampoo By Sajios



With violet pigment as the base, moisturize scalp and hair root during application. Replenish moisture and nutrients needed by hair. repair damaged hair from the inside to the outside, soften the roots, and improve dry, frizzy, dull and yellow hair. Enhances the gloss of the hair, makes the hair looks more smooth and glowing.


1. Make silvery gray and silvery white, first fade the hair to 9-10 degrees, rinse and blow until 80% dry, and apply it directly to the hair and leave it for about 5 minutes to rinse off. For silvery white, just rinse for 2 minutes. If the color is lavender, you can wash it again with yellowing shampoo!

2. When dispelling flavonoids: rinse off after fading 5 to 8 degrees, blow to 80% dryness, apply directly on the hair and leave for about 5 minutes to rinse off, which can effectively remove the yellow pigment in the hair and make the hair look flax. Or dull cyan!

3. As a daily care fixing shampoo, use it once about 5 days to effectively care for your hair color!

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