Sajios Mouthred Effect Slimming Cream Quickly Weight Loss Remove Cellulite



1. This product contains natural herbal and skin tightening ingredients. It is safe, gentle and non-irritating. It goes deep into body.
2 quickly. It has a slight heating effect. It burns fat, layers fat into the body, and converts large cellulites into small cells. Fat particles speed up metabolism, are eliminated with metabolism, and can inhibit the production of fat.
3. In the process of removing fat, it tightens the skin, prevents sagging and sagging, lifts the skin, eliminates cellulite, and makes the skin smooth and delicate.
4. During exercise, metabolism and blood circulation can be accelerated, thereby accelerating the excretion of fat and achieving maximum sweating and fat metabolism. 5. It has a good shaping effect on the waist, legs, arms and abdomen, which helps to shape a beautiful and lovely figure. And nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

Instructions: Step 1: Apply the cream to the area you want to improve and activate with a massage.
Step 2: Apply the cream to the area you want to improve after massaging, wrap the area with plastic wrap and leave on for at least 30-50 minutes

A notice:

1. During weight loss, avoid eating sweets, spicy, cold, greasy foods, strong tea, wine, coffee, carbonated drinks, mung beans, milk, radishes, etc. These foods that are often detoxified should not be eaten. It is best to eat a vegetarian diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.

2, do not need to consciously diet.

3. Not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant women, patients with high blood pressure and heart disease.


If you have any questions, please contact us in time. Don't arbitrarily provoke disputes.

One bottle is the basic model, and five bottles are perfectly cycled. It is recommended to buy 5 bottles at a time.

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