Liposuction Machine Fat Burning Body Shaping Weight Loss Machine Sajios



Material: ABS+silicone

Color: white

Size: 12.5×11×1.8cm

Weight: 220g

Packing list:

1 x VE Sport Body Machine
2 x Fat Burning Pads
1 x USB Cord
1 x Manual


1.Work principle: VE sports beauty instrument adopts EMS low frequency electronic technology, combined with human biology, so that electronic particles go into the human subcutaneous nerve to promote the blood circulation in the body, force muscle strengthening training, nerve regulation, enhance metabolism.

2.The rechargeable 180mAh battery get fully charged in 3 hours, can support up to more than a month of repeated use.

3.Six massage modes and ten levels of intensity can be adjusted, press ON button increase the strength, press OFF button to weaken.

 4.The slimming machine is suitable for full body shaping including waist, belly, legs, arms, etc. Ideal household fitness device for who people who wants to lose weight.

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