Portable Nose Wax Kit for Men and Women Nail Waxing Hair Removal by Sajios




1. Our nasal wax can eliminate unwanted hair without damaging the important lashes of the nose in seconds, fast and painless, avoiding nostrils without hair for up to four weeks and boosting confidence.
2. Suitable for men and women at home.
3. Fast and easy to use-simply dip the applicator into hot wax, soak it in the nostril and remove it in two minutes. 
4. Can remove unsightly nose hair in a few minutes, hair removal effect about four weeks
5. When used, it can be directly discarded, clean and hygienic, and does not reproduce bacteria because the treatment is not clean and not timely.


Type: Hair

Removal Product Gender: Unisex

Weight NET: 50g

Skin Type: All skin types

Size Type: Full size

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