Why Jade Roller?

The jade roller is a kind of skin care tool which is spread for thousands of years in China. It is said that beautiful queen maintains her young face by using the mysterious facial jade stone.

The trace elements in jade help the skin to maintain vitality, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle-removing, anti-aging, face-lifting, beauty-lifting and firming. When the skin rubs, it promotes the lymphatic circulation of the skin, thereby helping the skin to achieve a face-lifting effect.


Most Important Tips!

1. When using the jade roller, it is actually the same as we use other beauty equipment. Before using it, you must apply a product such as massage cream or massage oil to the skin to reduce the strain on the skin.

2. Next, start from the clavicle, move from bottom to top, gradually move to the chin and neck, move upward in the order of the bridge of the nose, lip area, cheeks, and forehead, and finally focus on the eye area.

3. When massaging, the rolling direction should also be maintained in the upward and outward directions, and the face should be pulled to avoid fine lines caused by pulling down.

4. Jade scraping board can achieve thin face by shaving.

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