Sajios Mint Teeth Whitening Mousse Cleans the Mouth Teeth by Sajios




Fresh and clean formula can carefully clean hidden dirt between teeth, thus improving oral problems and further helping to protect gums; Clean the mouth while refreshing the breath, protect the health of gums, and make the mouth clean and pleasant for a long time.

Usage Method:

A. When using, press the amount of 2-3 times in the mouth gargle for 10~20 seconds without spitting out .Brush teeth with toothbrush for 2 minutes the clock can be used for cleaning.
B. When using, press 2-3 times in the mouth ,gargle spit out after 10~20 seconds, then rinse with water it can clean the tartar and freshen the breath. 


Children under 6 years old should be guided by adults use.

Storage Conditions:

Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


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