Mousse Toothpaste Whitening Teeth Mousse Mint Flavor Oral Cleaning by Sajios


How to use:

1. Mouthwash: Squeeze an appropriate amount of foam into your mouth, spit out the foam for 10-15 seconds, and instantly feel refreshed in your mouth.

2. Brush your teeth: Squeeze an appropriate amount of foam on the toothbrush, gently brush your teeth and tongue coating for 2-3 minutes to keep your teeth clean and refreshed.



Material: Liquid

Capacity: 60ml

Fragrance: Mint scent

Efficacy: Teeth whitening, fresh mouth

Product size: 13*3.5*3.5cm

Packaging size: 13*3.5*3.5cm (bottle, blister)


Packing List:

1* Teeth Mousse


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