Massage Tools Cup, Lymphatic Drainage Massager Tools by Sajios


Product Characteristics:

1.Natural wood, hand made
2.Solid and reliable, reusable
3.Wooden handle for easy grip
4.Smooth edge without skin injury
5.Ergonomic design, suitable for all parts of the body

 Usage method:

 This massage cup is suitable for neck, arm, back, abdomen, waist, leg. First, apply solid or liquid massage oil to the body parts that need massage, then move back and forth with the massage cup to keep the body relaxed. It only takes a few minutes to achieve the ideal effect. Material: natural wood Important: Since our products are all made of natural wood, some products may have a few defects, such as cracks, spots, etc. with the change of environment. If the product has a serious problem, we are willing to refund or replace it for free. In such case, please contact us and do not open a dispute. If the defect is not so serious, we would be very appreciated if you can understand and accept it.

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