4 Color Natural Rouge Long-lasting Liquid Blush Face By Sajios


-Silky lightweight touch
-Natural-looking color
-Long-lasting effect

【A SILKY, LIGHTWEIGHT LIQUID BLUSH】 - Giving cheeks natural, glowing, healthy color, This liquid cream blush blends seamlessly, enhancing cheeks with natural-looking color, leaving a radiant finish.

【LONG-LASTING EFFECT】 All Day Wear Blusher is our lightweight, high saturation long-lasting formula blush. The high-pigmented liquid blush delivers just the right amount of color for a natural.

【ULTRA-SILKY BLUSH CREAM 】 The liquid blush is silky and lightweight texture,easy to apply and light up your skin tone.


★LIQUID SILKY -The liquid is delicate and smooth, with good ductility,clear texture.
★OCOLOUR IS FULL - Gorgeous colors, Gentle and energetic.
★COLOR DEVELOPMENT - Unique color fixing formula, keeps the bright for a long time.

#O1 PINK PURPLE-Pink love,soft and quiet.
#02 CHESTNUT-Apricot color natural
#03 ROSE BENGAL-Semi-cooked warm tone
#O5 SALMON PINK-Reddish brown tone

To make the liquid even,please shake before use.

▶STEP1: Press the blusher on the back of your hand before using, apply this product to your face with your fingers.

▶STEP2: Using your middle finger or a powder puff, gently pat and push.

▶STEP3: Spirit and vibrant makeup is complete.


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