Sajios JUJY Eye Beauty Device Radio Frequency Micro Current Eye Massager



Product Name: Multi-PR / Eye Eye PRO
Product weight: about 60g
Rated power: 4W
Rated input: 4V1A
Battery voltage: 520mAh / 3.7V


1. 5 Minutes * Tile firming, 4 weeks * comprehensive muscles
2. Adhere to the use of 4 weeks, improve eye bags eye-catching dark circles
3. 3 Big hard anti-aging technology, strength to pine, stripe,
4. The new 3D immersed sound wave vibration, nutrients are more infiltrated into the muscles, up to 12,500 times/minute high-frequency sound wave vibration, compared with direct massage absorption, it is equivalent to take 1000 times speed massage, not only to improve skincare products The absorption rate can also penetrate the bottom of the skin to accelerate the skin cycle.
5. RF technology, promotes collagen newborn, 1MHz frequency RF radio frequency wave penetrating muscle, enhances metabolism, diastolic pores, promotes collagen new, restore elastic, bright skin, use other functions, To enhance function
6.HF active radio frequency technology firmly eye confrontation gravity, using a 100 kHz frequency HF active radio frequency technology, combined with EMS microcurrent technology, simulates compression massage, exercise perimeter muscle, from internal to external confrontation, breaking each Eye muscle problem.
7. Red and blue light skin, energy upgrade nourish deeper
8. 50% of the contact area enhancement is widely exposed to eye skin, making nutrition more imported and penetrates simultaneously saving 50% eye care time
9. 35°Gold level, easy to wrap the entire eye profile

Package includes:

Eye Beauty Device * 1
Eye Rejuvenating Gel * 1

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