Original Herbal Acne Scar Removal Cream Spots Treatment Blackhead Stretch Marks Removal By Sajios


Acne Scar Removal Gel:

Net Content: 20g
Effects: Effectively softens scar tissue, removes acne marks, smooth rough skin, promotes skin's natural renewal and healing, shortens crusting time. Remove Stretch Marks, Remove Acne Scars, Remove Burn Scars, Remove Surgical Scars
Ingredients: Lavender extract, propolis, allantoin, chlorhexidine acetate, sodium hyaluronate, purified water. etc.
Scope of Use: For children, pregnant woman, adult, mild and effective scar cream
Package: 1x scar removal cream 20ml

Don't Let Scars Affect Your Life. Fear of the strange eyes of others:

Surgical scars
Stretch marks
Acne scars
Dark skin


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