Hair Removal Wax-melt Machine Heater Waxing Kit by Sajios



1. This latest advanced high quality single pot wax heater/heater is a high performance therapy, Bath SPA equipment.

2. Fashionable design, easy to use

3. Suitable for hard, ribbon and paraffin

4. Single wax cylinder with lid

5. Temperature adjustable

6. Anti-fracture, transparent plastic cover to prevent wax contamination.

Specifications :

parameters: 8cm * 5cm

capacity: 500-ml

Part color: Pink/White

rated power: 100-Wrated

voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz

particularly suitable for 50g / 100g wax beans

heating time: 5-10 minutes

rated power: 80W

appearance size: 16.5x14.5cm

container size: 12x 7cm

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