Hair Essential Oil Anti Hair Loss By Sajios


Product Specification:

1. Instructions:

Inject 3ml hair growth essence into each 100ml shampoo and stir it evenly for use. Or drop 1 drip essence in palm to mix it with shampoo for use.

2. Precautions:
Due to the high concentration of the product, don’t apply it to the scalp directly. Please dilute it with shampoo for use. The product is not suitable for pregnant women and children.

3. Product function:
Treat your hair with rich nourishment, strengthen the nutrition of hair root, accelerate hair growth, prevent baldness effectively and cure scalp and provide it with protection. Hair Loss for Men and Women.

Six Functions for Developing and Strengthening Hair

1. Thickening and developing hair

2. Nourishing and strengthening hair

3. Reinforcing hair

4. Nursing hair follicles

5. Repairing the hairline

6. Relieving the scalp

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