Facial Lifting Massager Double Chin V Face Lift Belt by Sajios



1.Super frequency conversion technology can open the fat decomposition channel and enhance facial skin fiber elasticity.
2.Micro current tech, red light + blue light, 3MHz radio frequency energy to activate collagen regeneration. Deeply penetrates into the dermis to promote skin barrier repair, improve skin elasticity and complexion, rejuvenate skin.
3.Insist on using 15 minutes a day for more than 5 times a week, your facial skin will turn obviously tight, more clear outline, and fine lines disappear in 60 days.
4.Folding design, portable to carry and travel friendly.
5.The micro curved surface design, ergonomically built , can perfectly fit the curve of the face.
6.One-button start, easy to operate, starter friendly, you can buy with confidence.

How to choose strength level:

Level 1: Suitable for people who is sensitive and have thin cuticles.

Level 2: Suitable for people who have used the device for 2-3 weeks and have masseteric hypertrophy and double chins.

Level 3: Suitable for people who have used the device for 3 months and have wide jawbone.


Material: ABS
Size: 16*13*5cm
Weight: 186g
Battery: 400mAh
Input: 5V1A
Power: 4W

Packing list:

1* Host
1* Belt
1* Charging Cord
1* User Manual

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