Dissolving Microneedle Eye Patches by Sajios



Efficacy: dark circles removal, fine lines filling, nasolabial folds, eye horns, reducing wrinkles, repairing, lift firming skin, anti-aging, fading fine lines, moisturizing.

Non-invasive soluble micro-needles, using transdermal drug delivery technology to supplement the skin with hyaluronic acid and six peptides 60mg at a time, directly to the deep skin, the absorption rate of up to 99%, so as to achieve a good effect of wrinkles.

This sticker can be used permanently without dependency.


Quantity: 10 pair per pack

Capacity: 0.4ml(1pair)

Size: 4.6x1.5cm(1 pair)

Needle length: 300-450 micrometers

Density: 1000 needles per patch, 2000needles per pair

Can be used: eye fine lines, under-eye puffiness, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, cervical stripe

Store condition: airy and dry indoor spaces where temp is no higher than 38℃

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