Exfoliating Soap Bags Mesh Net Bathroom Bath Brush Cleaning Tools by Sajios



Foaming net soap bag soap set massage handbag handmade soap bag bathing horny anti-slip sleeve.

Natural cotton and linen soap bath products can be bathed in a foaming net.


Material: cotton and linen

Size: 10*14 cm/3.9*5.5", 12*14 cm/4.7*5.5"

Style: bundle pocket


According to the size of the soap, the right soap bag is also suitable for putting small pieces of soap into the bag, and it is also suitable for direct bath cleaning.

Soak the bag in water for a few minutes before use, let the bag moisten and soften thoroughly, and hang it up after use.

It can be used for bathing and bathing.

Natural loofah bath products are highly praised and favored by consumers for their natural medicinal rationality and good personal care skin care effect. They are traditional skin care and health care products.

It can maintain good and slight friction, remove fat and descaling, cleanse the skin, and stimulate the face, arms, chest and abdomen, back, limbs, etc., to bring refreshing and fun to the four seasons bath.

Package Included:

Soap bag*1

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