Electric Knee, shoulder, elbow Heating Massager Joint Physiotherapy by Sajios



1. The newly upgraded knee massager, vibration massage + airbag squeezing + hot compress to warm the knee + red light physical therapy four-in-one, pure physical therapy, brings the most gentle care to your family's knees.

2. Effectively improve knee joint pain, joint swelling, old cold legs, rheumatoid arthritis and other knee joint problems.

3. Infrared hot compress, three temperature adjustable, massage and relax the knee, enhance vitality, and deeply nourish the knee joint.

4. Airbag massage, 4D comprehensive wrapping design, airbag squeezing and kneading, deep massage of key acupoints, and careful care of your knee joints.

5. Six pulse modes (acupuncture mode, massage mode, beating mode, kneading mode, percussion mode, automatic cycle mode), 15 pulse intensities for you to choose, to meet the needs of different groups of people.

6. Visual color display, user-friendly touch design, even the elderly can easily operate.


Material: ABS

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Charging voltage: 5V/2A

Charging interface: Type-c USB

Charging time: about 4-5 hours with built-in lithium battery (battery time: 7-15 days)

Product size: 27*17*18cm

Inner box size: 29*17*22cm

Packing List:

1 * Knee massager host

1* TYPE-C charging cable

1* English manual

1* 1 to 2 electrode wires

1 pair* patch (4*6.5cm, jack diameter 3.5mm)


1. Tie the product tightly around the knee with the strap. For best results, try to stick as close to the knee as possible.

2. Press and hold the "On/Off" key to turn on the product. After the product is turned on, the default is low temperature, low pressure, vibration, red light, and physical therapy.

3. Vibration keys: green light 1, blue light 2 and red light 3

Heating button: 40°C 1st gear green light, 45°C 2nd gear blue light and 50°C 3rd gear red light

Pressure button: Green 1, Blue 2 and Red 3

Red light button: red light therapy

Timing key: The first "tick" is 15 minutes, the second "tick" is 30 minutes.

Switch key: long press to turn on the machine, long press to turn off

4. Acupuncture key: 7 modes, 15 levels of intensity, press the acupuncture key to switch the mode, increase the intensity of the "+" key, and decrease the intensity of the "-" key.

5. Each continuous use time shall not exceed 30 minutes.


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