Electric Body Massager Led 3 Speed Ems Facial Massager Neck Leg Back Whole Body Meridian Instrument by Sajios



1. Multi-function electric meridian instrument, fast scraping + whole body massage 2 in 1, effectively dredging the meridians, warming the palace and dispelling cold, and regulating the internal organs.

2. The 12 metal massage heads can massage and scrape multiple parts of the body to help you relieve fatigue and build a beautiful body.

3. Red, green and blue cycle phototherapy: whitening skin, lightening pigmentation spots, smoothing fine lines, shrinking pores, increasing collagen, rejuvenating skin, repairing damaged skin, and making your skin smoother and more delicate.

4. It has good effects in anti-aging and anti-oxidation, especially suitable for people with unhealthy skin, aging skin and dry skin.

5. Suitable for multiple parts of the body, such as face, shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, legs, hands, etc.

6. Use with essential oils, skin care products or face creams to effectively improve symptoms such as low back discomfort, numbness of the limbs, and physical weakness.

7. Built-in 300mAh built-in battery, long-lasting battery life, supports wireless use, allowing you to massage your body anytime, anywhere.


Material: ABS

Color: Platinum

Net weight: 69g

Product size: 9.5*7*3CM

Packing size: 12.6*11*4.2CM

Working voltage: 3.7V

Working current: ≤100 (mA)

Charging voltage: DC5V/2A

Charging power: ≤2.75(W)

Built-in battery: 300mAh

High Voltage: 4.2V

Use power: ≤0.85 (W)

Charging time: ≤3.0(H)

Charging method: Magnetic charging head, three gears

Packing List:

1* Electric Meridian Instrument

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

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