Dark Spot Corrector Moisturizing Effectively Removes Dark Spots by Sajios




100% brand new and high quality.
Effective Dark Spot Repairer-Stable and gentle, can be quickly absorbed by facial skin, repair damaged skin, help reduce dark spots and acne hyperpigmentation, make macular and sun spots lighter, and brighten skin tone, improve uneven skin tone .
Effective Inhibiting Dark Spots- Rich in nourishing ingredients, it helps to suppress hyperpigmentation, preventing the formation of acne pigment spots, sunburn, and age spots.
Healthy Skin-The texture is light and non-sticky, it can enhance the radiance from the inside out, and make the facial skin younger and brighter.


If going outside, use a sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher.
When using it for the first time, press the pump many times to ensure the serum flows.

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