Crystal Collagen Lip Mask Hydrating Moisturizing Essence Gel Patch Lip By Sajios



Crystal Lip Mask are specially pre-moistened with Phyto-collagen, derived exclusively by bio-fermentation technology, which has been proved to its pawer of Collagen replenishment. Deep moisturizing and wrinkle smoothing.

Appropriate range: dry, dull, lip wrinkles, dry.


Moisturizing, repair cracks, cell regeneration

How to use:

Remove the lip membrane, The lip membrane spreads lips After 20-30 minutes, can be thrown off. After taking the film gently massage the lower lip, Essence ingredients to make it easier to penetrate. Use 2-3 times a week, every day, can also be used for those who need

package:8/10 packs lip mask,  or send as  you order, thank you.

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