Carbon Fiber Rubbing Washcloth Bath Brush For Back By Sajios



*1. 70% polyester + 30% carbon fiber.

*2. 100 cm Ultra-long - You can easily grasp two ends to scrub your back during the shower, 24 cm of width covers a large area.

*3. Gentle Exfoliating - Skin-friendly polyester and carbon fibers do not harsh, providing gentle exfoliating and comfort, the wavy surfaces with tiny spirals increase friction to enhance cleansing.

*4. Easy Foaming - Three-dimensional weaving construction requires only a small amount of body wash to foam, and retains foam when you wash.

*5. Fast Drying - Fluffy structure leaves fine and dense pores for quick ventilation and moisture-wicking, reduce odor caused by damp.

Package Includes:

1 x Back Scrubber

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