Air Cushion CC Cream Mushroom Head Foundation, Super Thinker Moisturizing BB Cream by Sajios


【Natural nourishing ingredients】-Use a variety of natural skin care ingredients, including Ectoine, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid. It can repairs damaged skin, dilutes acne marks, effectively improves the skin of rough, smooths the skin and highly moisturizes skin care, skin care while applying makeup.

【Full coverage concealer】-Has a good concealer ability, has a relatively good blocking effect on ultraviolet rays, evenly brightens the skin tone, lightly conceals, conceal pores, acne marks, fade spots, and fine concealers.

【Long-lasting moisturizing】-Comfortable to wear throughout the day, long-lasting moisturizing, can maintain perfect makeup throughout the day, up to 12 hours, can help control oil and provide a non-porous makeup effect.

【Soft Makeup Puff】-Using a highly elastic beauty sponge, it is softer than traditional air cushions, the makeup is more natural. It can provide you with perfect makeup, avoid wasting makeup, can be carried with you.

1pc*O.TWO.O Air Cushion BB Cream with Puff
【Shelf Life】: 3 Years


How to choose color?

W21 Natural Color - Suitable for white skin.

W22 Natural Reddish- Suitable for medium skin.


Are you still trouble by these problems?
-Dull skin
-Not waterproof makeup
-Heavy makeup


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