AILKE Organic Stretch Mark Cream By Sajios



1. Stretch marks removal, scars remove cream
2.Remove fat lines, skin regeneration
3. Effective for both old and new scars


1. HEAT AND APPLY: First, apply a hot towel to the stretch marks area for 15 minutes. then take an appropriate amount of stretch marks removing cream and apply it evenly on the abdomen legs, buttocks and other places prone to stretch marks

2. MASSAGE TECHNIQUE: From the center of the abdomen (below the navel), from top to bottom, apply lightly from the center to the sides with the palms of both hands

3. MASSAGE TIME :Massage with palm in clockwise circular motion for about 3-5 minutes to allow skin ingredients to absorb the nutritional essence

4. TIME USED MORNING AND EVENING: There is no need to rinse with water after massaging. The effect will work better that use the stretch marks cream once in the morning and evening


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