500Ml Portable Travel Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Personal Cleaner Hygiene Bottle By Sajios




Easy to fill bidet bottle. Best design for travel, outdoor, and public personal hygiene washed. This device prevent the dirty flow back into the bottle during washed. It is also supply continuous slow flow water during scratch your bun. With slow-flow and anti-flow air hole in the bottle bottom. Fast and effective personal cleansing anytime and anywhere.

Versatile flusher for:1. During pregnancy, bathing is inconvenient, it is enough to use it,2. The baby's private parts are cleaned more healthily and not irritating3. Care for the elderly, simple rinse, easy care Rinsing cares more about our skin than wiping it, and avoids skin contact. More healthy and environmentally friendly use..


Versatile, portable and easy to use Diverse nozzles to meet demand Rinse mode, health Simple design, in blue/pink color, easy to install.
Easy to use, works for maximum anal cleanliness, keeping anal and vagina clean. Protects you away from bacterium, reduces the risk of infections.

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