100pcs Disposable Wooden Waxing Stick Wax Bean Wiping Wax Tool by Sajios



Wide range of usage: The special shaped sticks are suitable for many different placed hair removal, they can help to remove your hair on eyebrows, face and other small areas.
Useful spatula applicators: You can use the wax applicator sticks to remove the hair you don't want to avoid the embarrassment, a must for your beauty, fit for daily using.
Material: Wood
Size (LW): 8.8 x 0.5 cm
Color: wood color,
Quantity: 100 pieces/bag
Package included:100pcs Wax applicator sticks


Including small parts, keep it away from children. As these sticks made of wood, please do not put them in wet condition

1.Application – Suitable for removing hair of many places on your body, can be applied to apply wax to small areas, such as eyebrows, bikini areas and other small or detailed areas
2. Size of wax stick – Tiny size fits well to your eyebrows, lips etc., can meet your various needs
3. Useful applicator – Can be applied to remove awkward areas of hair, or eyebrow; Suitable size in special shape, make it convenient to use
Smooth and Clean – Made of wood, not easy to rust or erode, with smooth surface, will not hurt your skin, comfortable for you to use

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