100G Roll On Depilatory Wax Cartridge Warmer Honey Heater by Sajios




Ingredients: Turpentine, Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, etc.
Applicable Parts: Whole Body
Packaging Material: Wax bottle is high temperature PP plastic, melting temperature is about 120 degrees, standard size, suitable for a variety of standard 100G heater wax machine on the market.

How to use:

1. After pulling the seal strip, put the wax in the waxing machine and heat it.
2. When the wax is as flowing state, pour into the container to make the liquid wax flow out from the roller nozzle. The roller tube is rolled along the hair growth direction, uniformly coated with a wax layer, then the wax layer is covered with depilatory wax paper, pressed by hand. In fact, make the wax fully adhere to the depilatory paper, and then quickly tear off the depilatory paper against the direction of hair growth, find that the hair will be removed.



1 x Depilatory Wax Cartridge.

Due to the manual measurement, there may be small deviations.


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