100 Ml Depilatory Wax Cartridge Roller Hair Removal Wax By Sajios



100g natural depilatory beeswax strips, there are 12 flavors to choose from, you can use it after tearing the opening, you need to match with depilatory paper to achieve easy hair removal.

This wax bottle is made of high-temperature PP plastic material with a melting point of about 120 degrees, and its size can be adapted to many heater wax machines on the market.

After pulling the seal firmly, put this product in a wax machine and heat it. Then after the hair removal wax turns from solid to liquid, invert the container to let the spout of the wax bottle flow out, and roll the tube along the direction of hair growth.

Coat the wax layer evenly, and cover the wax layer with wax paper. Then compact the wax paper by hand to make the beeswax stick to the depilatory paper,

Then, forcefully and quickly tear off the hair removal paper against the direction of hair growth, and the hair is removed.


Weight: 146g

Size: 14*2.1*5.2 (cm)

Flavors: strawberry/aloe/tea tree/honey/cream/blackcurrant/green tea/lemon/lavender/chocolate/chamomile/rose

Ingredients: turpentine/mineral oil/coconut oil

Package Included:

1*depilatory wax

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