PCS Lip Balm Hydrating Moisturizing Lip Care Petroleum Jelly By Sajios




Vaseline Lips Mini is a hydrating lip balm that helps lock in moisture for beautiful, healthy lips

This tinted lip balm gives lips a natural, glossy shine with a rosy tint, helping heal dry and cracked lips

Made from pure Vaseline Jelly, this lip moisturizer helps seal in moisture to soothe and heal lips with its lip repair properties

This lip treatment provides long-lasting moisturization and lip care, as Vaseline's pure petroleum jelly creates a protective barrier for lips

This lip balm has a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that makes it a lip moisturizer suitable for regular use; dab it on your dry lips as needed

Choose your favorite Vaseline lip treatment from Peach, honey, rose, avocado, and original  lip balms

Kind tips :Choose a package to buy more cost-effective

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